About us

Our trading company LUSOMA s. r. o. has been operating on the candle market for 10 years, thanks to which it has a rich experience in sales and distribution. Our company is located in Český Těšín. For the Slovak Republic we are the exclusive distributor of BISPOL products and also the largest importer of handmade candles by Bartek Candles.

Our offer includes a complete range of these leading European brands consisting of over 1000 types of candles. We distribute decorative, scented, diode and gravestone candles. You can also choose from a wide range of LED diodes candles as well as classic glass burners. We place great emphasis on the selection of the highest quality products and their affordability.

The year 2019 is significant for us with the launch of our own brands on the market. We created Lucas Candles and Lucas Soap for you. Lucas Candles offers premium candles with new exclusive fragrances. Lucas Soap brings handmade natural glycerine soaps in gift boxes.

Our offer also includes additional assortment:

  • lighters
  • residential scents
  • waxes for the aroma of lamps
  • advertising pens

We are constantly adding new collections inspired by the latest trends.


Become our business partner and give your customers the opportunity to enter the magic world of decorative and scented candles.

Our clients are florists, drugstores, gift shops, home furnishings, hotels, restaurants, and last but not least, warehouses and distribution companies. Thanks to many years of experience, our company is able to quickly and flexibly supply more than 500 partners throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We are constantly expanding our contacts and we currently have clients in Hungary and Italy. In the near future, we plan to expand our customer network to include other EU countries.

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